Language translation word lists and phrase books

Whether you're learning a language as a beginner or are already a confident speaker you'll know that vocabulary's just as important as the other skills you need. With Wordlistica you can create your own lists of phrases and words - the ones you need most, where and when you need them.

Categorise, filter, get quick access to Google and Bing translate, test yourself, email words in and work on them later and much more. Here's a quick summary of the features, but the best way to find out more is just to register for a free account.

Get started and create the dictionary, word list or phrase book you've always wanted!


+ Unlimited words and phrases.
+ More than 100 languages.
+ Email words to your account without logging on.
+ Easily get translations with Bing and Google.
+ Prioritise words and phrases for testing.
+ Pin words to a quick reminder page.
+ Group words into your own categories.
+ Use categories for country specific variations.
+ Browse by type (noun, adverb, phrase etc).
+ Browse by test priority.
+ Browse by categories.
+ Browse by first letter.
+ Browse by sequences of characters.
+ Sort alphabetically.
+ Sort by recently added.
+ Sort randomly.
+ Show missing words you have in other languages.
+ Show words still waiting for a translation.
+ Choose between desktop and mobile device layout.
+ Download your word lists.

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